Wednesday, December 29, 2004


OK I moved the BLOG!
You can see it here:

Please make a note of the new site.. As I wont be on here any longer.. I am still in the process of making everything go over there.. I hope you guys like the new blog!!!
I also have a poll listed under links over there so you can vote!!!

Thanks dears for all that reads me!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2004

First sock!!!!

I finally have a sock!!! I am soo proud of myself and I want to take the time to thank everyone that helped me!!! I am just glad its over.. whew!
I am going to try again today and make a sock on two circs..... I know I should make the mate to this sock.. but I dont know about that... lol Thinking I am going to try again!
Other than that nothing new to report here.... Just working hard trying to figure out Blog templates so that I can design my own!

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Back on track

darn holidays!!! I didn't get but maybe 1" done on my sock.. I ahve to finish this sucker today.. I want to start something else... lol

I hope I can do a good enough job on a pair of socks that I can actually wear... we shall see! Well back to the knitting will check in later...

Friday, December 24, 2004

OK MY blog will be moved next week..

I want to know why Blogger messed with their top!?!? LOL

It doesn't look right.... I have to fix it.. its gonna drive me nutty!!!!

ok off to figure out blogging.....

Happy Holidays and BAH HUMBUG!!!!

I really don't care that it's Christmas Eve.. nope.. not one bit.....It's just another day to me...
I am going to my sis in laws tonight.. even in the snow and ice.. like a dumb bunny.... I dont wanna go!!! lol
I really have no wish to go anywhere... this is not a good holiday for me.. except that I learned how to knit socks!!! I have one sock almost finished! All I have left is the toe... see here:

I am a bit farther now.... I will have to take more pics in a bit when I get closer to the toe!!! I am quite proud of myself as I have been wanting to knit socks forever.. plus I ahve 1 beautiful ball of sock yarn that a nice lady sent me and I want to make some awesome socks with it!!!

Well I hope everyones holiday is good and safe. I will be back sometime sunday or monday!!!! Have a good one!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2004

What a night!



I have started the sock… it is going ok. I had a few problems with the heel flap because most of the sites I found for help have it as a purl row to begin.. mine says knit… soo that was fun.. I updated the site with a pic of me about 4 rows into the flap. I am on row 8 now.. so I will post more as soon as I turn the heel!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Darn Socks.....

OK here goes.. I am very freaking irritated.. but not at the socks this time.. I think they may be going ok......

I am mad at the fiance.... he went to work.. from 12:30 to 9... the snow moved in.. Now he is saying work will rent him a hotel room since he has to be back at 8 am... I swear I will kill him... I don't know what to feel right now... lol I am just freaking ANGRY!!!!! There are a lot of young girls that work in the store with him and so help me.. I am soo darned insecure right now... I don't know whats up with me.. My mom says to trust him and if he messes up THEN kill him..I just can't handle things well lately.. been doing the depression thing... and really was getting better..... Who knows... Anyhoo.. WIll be posting more pics to the sock knitting as I go... Keep a looksie.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Well a little more maybe...

I have gotten a little more done.. I have started on my cable bag and got a little farther but not sure I like it so far.. I may just do a striped bag for now until I get mroe used to working in the round....

I ahve also started on my Wavy Gravy scarf #2. Its in a peach and cream yarns.... I did one in a black and green but it was taken as soon as I finished it. And since i got so mad at the cable bag I started another scarf.... maybe tomorrow I will finish it and my men in hats #3.
Also here is my Wavy Gravy #2.

I am off here to maybe try and get some more on the scarf done before I fall asleep waiting on the fiance to get home..... Hes working late tonight... ugh!!! Its raining here too and it says maybe snow tomorrow??? Heck we live in Arkansas..... we shall see.... We'll probably be able to wear shorts tomorrow!! lol

Heres to Productive days!

Well I finally got a few pics uploaded.. The first Men in Hats #1 is gone.. has been since it was taken off the needles... the second Men in Hats #2 and also the scarf can be seen here:

My mom says no man will wear that hat.... We shall see.... lol
I have started the cable bag I found in the Winter Issue of FCEK. I love it... I just hope I can do it justice!!
Heres the start I am on round 6 and round 7 starts the cables..... oh joy!

I am hoping that today will be a productive day as well.. I want to finish my Wavy Gravy Scarf and get at least halfway on the cable bag before the fiance gets home.. Cause I know he doesn't want me knitting when hes here... As he says "WHy would you want to play with yarn when you can play with me..." HEHE yeah well... he is fun to play with.. OH
Anyway, I hopefully will be moving this blog next month.... if I can decide thats what I really want to do... I am also changing the design up no matter what so if anyone has any ideas let em rip!!

Monday, December 20, 2004

I hate moving!!!!

Moving furniture sucks.. it really sucks! I have moved a full size bed and put in a queen size bed, I have moved my computer and desk and big printer/flat bed copier... all by myself.... I am proud yet I ache.. and tomorrow I am going to feel it......

I also aquired new sheets and a new desk chair to use for my computer..... SO thats a plus.. plus the bed is bigger...... not sure hows it gonna act up yet.. hehe we shall see!

I did not do one knit thing today excpet copy a pattern out of my magazine so that I can carry it with me and start on a project.. I hate using the mag for that. My mags always get tore up when I use them like that so I copy one copy for me.. then I usually either put it in a notebook or throw it away...that way no copywrite infringements occur with me.. lol

I am starting a new project tomorrow.. the Cable bag in the Family Circle Easy Knitting Holiday or winter issue.. dont know I think its the winter issue 04/05 and its on page 37 and its #2.
I plan to do it in Red Heart Lt. Celery color. I have about 12 skeins of it and dont want to use it for a blanket or clothes.. so into a bag it goes! lol

Its been a productive day so far, except that I decided not to take the job I got.. after figuring up how much I'd bring home.. I could make more than that FROM home.. so no job once again... but I got my room almost to where I am satisfied with it and maybe I can become more productive here! I have to start my new site at
Gian Savon
So maybe soon I will have some stuff to put on it! I plan to sell all my Fo's and Eo's that I had when making soap. Most of them are brand new and never even opened! So watch for it!!

Ok off to knit something before I have to start supper!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

I didn't do it!!

Literally.. I have gotten nothing done! I haven't gotten my scarf halfway.. haven't touched the men in hats #2 I haven't finished a freaking thing!!! I spent all day yesterday right here in front of the computer and didn't knit a thing... I did manage to pull the stitches of of my scarf and have to go back and frog 7 rows to fix it.... Other than that nothing..... I plan to FINISH something TODAY!!!!!
It's driving me wild not finishing things... I want to do more neat things tho, not just scarves and hats.. I do love scarves and hats but dang they get boring after a bit.. I plan to TRY YET AGAIN my sock on 2 circs.. See I already put it in my progress bars and I frogged that one... lol
I have to do something.. I want to feel a sense of accomplishment today.....
I need ideas for simple yet nice projects that maybe I can finish in a hurry!!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Yet another day

Well I made it thru one more day.. lol It was an ok day, nothing to write home about!
We went to town... I didn't get any $$ for yarn so no yarn store yesterday like I had hoped.. Today I have to go to my new job and fill out paperwork and then I start on monday! Soo I wont be online as much. I only work from 7 am till between 12 and 2. So its not a lot but better than nothing!!!!
Hopefully after the new year I am going to take this blog to the next level and make it really cool... lol We shall see anyway. I will try!
I finished a few objects and will be posting pics as soon as I can! Well off to take a break with some knitting before going to the new work!!

Thursday, December 16, 2004


I went the other day and applied for a job I dont want and today went for the interview for the job I dont want.. then to a drug test so I could get the job I dont want...Why do I bother!??!
Today is another one of those days. BUT I dont plan to sit here in front of this computer all day... I plan to KNIT!! I don't know what yet and I dont know what yarn or anything... I have to think!!!
I did finally put up a tree.... nothing under it nor will there be anything....
oh well.... off to search for that perfect knitting item today!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

What is Christmas anyway?

Well I haven't posted for a few days and I think that by my title you can tell why. Christmas depression. I am soo sick of Christmas and everything with it. I don't have a clue why. Maybe its because I wont see my kids for Christmas or maybe cause the only way I got any gifts for Christmas was to join a gift exchange.. thats sad... 31 years old and griping about not getting anything for Christmas... not a good thing!
I am just in a slump. Don't want to finish anything and dont want to start anything new. I really dont want to do anything but sit on my butt and cry. I am trying to drink some uplifting teas I bought but they dont seem to be helping. Knitting isnt helping. I just seem to make more mistakes when I am sad..
Dont have anything to do on Christmas. Should be the worst Christmas ever..........

Monday, December 13, 2004

Knitted Book Covers Revisited!

Ok I have the pdf file on the sidebar.. BUT I am working on pictures for the file Today I have something to do. I plan to make at least one of these with pics to show how it looks and works.. Then I will upload my other patterns for this thing.. I ahve been up writing all night!!!!

I will post the pics and finished cover as soon as I can!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Does anyone know how to write??

I am looking for someone that might can help me with the wording on my patterns... I can't write for .. um anything!

I am going to be chaning up m,y book cover pattern tomorrow and hopefully be able to add photos of me as I go along on it!!!

Knitted Book Cover

Well I made up some instructions for the knitted book covers I made before.. I am not good at saying what I mean so if they aren't clear let me know....!!! Look on the sidebar!

Cable Belt

Well so far so good.. I would have been a bit farther along except I ripped it when I should have just continued!! LOL Oh well thats life!
Here is the pic of my started cable belt!!

I hope I can finish it by Christmas! I have no clue what to make for the other SIL. I need something a bit more simple for her..I just dont know what.
I already gave her a baby blanket but I think I need to do something for her and not the baby... Now to think of what. I dont think shed wear a scarf.. So now to come up with something different!
I have some green yarn that says it is wool. Hand wash only. I am hoping I can make a Booga Bag and hope that it felts! Well guess I need to go do something....


It seems to be a lazy day for me. I don't seem to want to get up and do anything. Even coming over here to the computer seems like a chore. I feel like all I want to do is sleep and nothing more. I have so much I could be doing though. Its just cold and wintery... not sure I like it any longer, lol.
I have all these projects I want to start yet no will or desire to do it. Who knows whats wrong with me... Anyhool. lol
I have to take my mom shopping again today even though I said I wont be doing it again. She says this is the last trip to the stores... I hope so. For her sake and mine.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

More cables

OK I have started yet another cable project! I am starting a belt for my soon to be SIL. It looks really wonderful so far except that I frogged it and then realized that it actually was going right!

I will be taking pics soon to add here because I think it looks really good! I hope the beads will work well on the fringes....Ugh.. so tired today and can't figure out why. Everyone is still in bed here and its like 2 pm!!! What the heck is wrong with everyone here.. At least the fiance is working but still... oh well.. back to the cabling!

Friday, December 10, 2004

Yet another day

Well I made it through the night. Kept thinking about things and trying not to think about things...
One thing though is the EVIL ex father in law is actually the one taking care of my kids. Because from what I've heard and seen my ex husband is too busy out trying to get a piece he cant stay home. AND he has quit taking the kids to church which had been the one good thing they had. This FIL has a wife at home with MS and a girlfriend in his business. This is the same girlfriend that kept chasing me and flipping me off then accused me of harrassment and won.... I hate that my kids live with such evilness, and thats what bothers me the most..I just hate that I messed up. I let them take them out of my car and I should have fought more....

Anyway.. I am going to change this blog this weekend and try to not write any more bad things here. I may get another blog just for the everyday stuff!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holidays Solo

Ever wonder why people are so cruel to other people? I have been sitting here tonight watching TV for the first time in a long time. Normally I watch movies or videos, etc. I was watching CSI: Las Vegas and I was entranced because in it they had a dead little boy… I was appalled once again how mean people can truly be. Knowing the show isn’t real you know these things happen. I cried so much during this because it makes me wonder at the laws that govern the children. Here I am sitting here and I am going to be without my children for one more Christmas. And I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink, and I barely cuss. I work hard I take care of people and I never was bad to them. But yet here I am without them. While the father they never knew is acting like he is their savior. He played a game with me and won. I can barely stand it. It’s so hard to live without them. Yet I can’t call them, I can’t even take him to court because I have no money. I can’t do anything and in the city and state I live in it’s the Good Ole Boy System. He is a wonderful father now.. Doesn’t matter what he did before.. He took everything from me and left me with nothing. He warned me once he would do this and I never believed he would be capable.. Guess that’s what money can do…

I hated to bring the blog down but this is killing me right now… I am missing everything I once lost and have no hope to recover anything………………..

cables..... OH MY

I tell ya I am having a lot of fun with cables.. IF I could just read the pattern!!!! LOL I am dying here trying to sort out a pattern. Vogue Knitting on the go book Weekend Knits, page 60-61. It says work even for so many rows.. what the heck does that mean!?!?

Oh and I am going to be revamping my blog soon. Not sure of the design yet but I want color...... I hate all this white. Ever since I did the baby blanket all in white I don't want to look at plain white again for a long time... My eyes are still crossed.....

Well shoot me.. I am starting to get all weepy again. I am just restless.. dont know why.. I may not even want to know why.. I just am. Hopefully I can get out of this ditch I seem to be in lately....

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

What a stash....

Well I finally got most of my stash out in the open..... Most of this yarn I will never use..... But I got it... Dont know what to do with it. Heres my pic.....Excuse the junk all around it... lol

So today we went to see my fiances sister that just got back from TX. SHe brought us some cool tamales that are wrapped in banana leaves. Really good stuff!! Other than that notmuch happening today. Kind of boring!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


NO .. not really.. It just sounded fun to

I am going to finish this baby blanket in about 20 minutes.. HOORAY! And then I can get back to knitting my scarf and start on a few hats for me and the fiance. I just hope I can last that long.. I am exhausted today and have no clue why. Went to get me some HUGE knitting needles but everywhere I went they were out! what the heck is going on!!???

oh well... no biggie I'll wait a week or so. I am going to go crash....

Monday, December 06, 2004

Knitting faster.. Is it possible?

I guess I was on a roll... then I got bogged down. What happened?? I am sitting here trying to finish something today! I want something finished! Is that too much to ask!?! I guess I need a clock that goes faster and makes the world go by quicker too.. lol Not really I don't want to get older any quicker than I have to. And to top it all off This darn keyboard is messing up! I want a new computer.. So this is going to have to last me.
Guess I'll get back to knitting and see what messes I can get myself into next.

Irish Scarf a going!

OK Sooo I finally have this cable figured out... now to conquer the rest of them! Here is the picture of my restarted scarf!

Hopefully I can get done with it today!!! Yay!! This should put me in better spirits....

Sunday, December 05, 2004

A little better

I think I feel a little better. I sat down and cried a bit.. Then frogged the sock and put it away... Frogged the Shawl and put it away..... Then I re-cast on my Irish Scarf. I am so glad I did. I was having a problem with cables forever... I have done cables now!!! I am no longer afraid of them. After I cried and took some deep breathes I decided to restart it. I love this!! I have done it in a cotton yarn from Knit One Crochet Too. Its a recycled cotton and it was very inexpensive and it feel really good and looks good! I plan to make a hat to go with this. I think knitting really made me feel better. I was seeing this all come together where usually I have tangles! I was so relieved. I have to take some pics of it as soon as I can but I dont want to stop knitting it! I want to get it finished! I absolutely love this yarn and the pattern. I am very glad I joined!
I just wish I could feel like I used to...... Doubt it..

Things on my mind

Ever wonder why you bother with some things? I sometimes wish I weren't around to see the things I see.....and hear. I think I may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I keep thinking that everything will be ok then everything turns crappy again. I wont be taking my mom shopping again anytime soon. Hard to keep the mouth shut and respect in tact. I have just about had enough of family and fiances and I wish I could say friends but I dont have any except online and they haven't been around a whole lot lately. Sooo I am just pissed.. I Don't know why, Don't know how I got this way I just AM!!!!
Its been one hell of a week. I am soo depressed today that I am having trouble knitting! Thats not good. Knitting is supposed to realx me and usually it does. I ripped out two of my WIP's just because I got too angry to care.... So now to re- cast on. I feel like laying down and crying for months... I don't care what happens to me anymore.
Things just aren't the same any more........................................

Rain Rain Go Away!

Today is sooo gloomy... It is raining and cold and dark. I hate days like this!
I got my room cleaned up yesterday and this week I am going to get my stash sorted... lol I am also finisehd with the baby blanket so when I do I am going back to my scarf and my socks I had going. Trying to finish one thing at a time! lol
Want to go to the meeting this afternoon for SNB but I dont have a car today and its raining,I hate driving in the rain cause there is always someone driving like an idiot no matter where you go! OH well... I may go to the yarn store in the next day or so and make up for it.... lol
I really would like to meet people a little closer to me so that we could visit and knit, etc. Kinda tired of knitting solo.................

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Got to get things done

I have got to get up off my bootie today and get some things done! I am sitting here looking at a room that needs to be cleaned.. lol

What to do!?
Clean it. As much as its going to hurt my knitting today I plan to clean until I cant stand up any longer! I want this place clean today so that when I sit and knit I wont feel soo guilty... lol
Plus I plan to do some shopping today and maybe come home with something for my knittng... I have a full plate today thanks to my mom. But since she wants to go shopping I cant say no. I'd rather go now than closer to Christmas!
Maybe tonight or tomorrow I can get some knitting done but for now I have to go do my thing...

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Whew what a day

I am soo glad today is almost over with... I am about to go to bed and try and forget it happened... lol

Ok so I am almost finished with the baby blanket. Thank the good Lord because I am soo tired of this repetitive stitches.. lol I need some flava!
I plan to talk the Fiance into going to the yarn store tomorrow. No time for that today.

Also I got my 1st time Sweater knitalong going! I have a button at the right you can steal And also it links to the Yahoo groups page. I decided on that even though I also had a blog set up. I thought Yahoo might be easier to deal with!

This knitalong is open to anyone that wants to knit a sweater by hand for the first time. You can use any yarn, pattern, etc. This is going to be all about you!
The dates are from now until April 30, 2005.

Hope everyone joins!! At the end we may even do a photo page and info about your sweaters!
Ok off here going to go watch The Art of Kitting and try and get some more done on this blanket!

Cant believe its so cold

And I have made me nothing to keep me warm! What was I thinking? Last night it was so cold at my house we had to go to my moms to sleep. But it was good. Anyhoo, Going to court today for my final court appearance for that dumb DWI. Don't want to go but kind of have to! lol
When thats finished I hope to stop by the yarn store... I will have to have some uplifting... lol
I plan to try and get almost finished with this baby blanket today. I am wanting to start somthing new and I promised myself I wouldn't until I finished the blanket.
Hope to be back on soon and not in jail!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

What the heck!??

I think my blog is eating stuff.... back to the drawing board.... As I go I will post changes!!

What dreams are knit....

Has anyone else ever knit in their sleep. I swear I get more knitting done when I am asleep than when I am awake! I made a really pretty sweater last night, again. Maybe thats why I have this odd desire to knit one. I seem to watch myself knit and figure out where I went wrong when I am dreaming of it.. What is up with me??
I love knitting and apparantly I am obsessed with it more than I knew...I just hope I can live up the expectations of my dreams. I had a dream abotu this blog too and thats why it looks different today. I changed a few things and plan to do a few more things... Maybe design one of my own... lol
Well off to try and knit some more ....

Monday, November 29, 2004

Not so Shabby!

I have almost got the small baby blanket finished. Very simple knit! Just what I needed to get back into the groove. I have been in a slump and I think I figured out why. I have so many projects I want to do I was overwhelmed! Now its much better. I am going to finish a few small projects then get back into the grovve with some bigger stuff!
Also I think I want to do a sweater. And I may even start a 1st time knitting a sweater Knit a long!
So if you want to join up something like that let me know... That way I wont be alone... lol
Hope to be finished and take some pics of the blanket tomorrow. I am going to go start on a scarf maybe.. something I can finish..
Oh and if anyone knows how to knit 3 tog let me know.. I have forgot.... dont ask...

Sunday, November 28, 2004

knit to lose...

my mind!!!! I swear I am losing my mind! I need to knit badly.. I want to knit. Why am I getting soo frustrated about what to knit!?!? I get started on a project and I quit... What is up with that~??
I mean the projects for my knit a longs are going good but all my stuff I just want to make... no go! I cant make myself get anything going and I think it all has to do with my sock..
I got my sock hell done and the heel turned that was soo easy.... but that picking up stitches etc... how do you know where to start!?!?! The instructions I had told me to puit this on a scrap piece of yarn and put that on a dpn, etc... I got sooo lost. I got the sock going I THINK... At least it still looks like a sock! BUT now to try it on smaller needles and smaller yarn... not so sure I can do that. I have a size 3 and a size 5 circ needles.. Now to find the right size yarn!! I swear .. too many choices.. decisions... my head is hurting... HELP!!!!
Websites aren't much help... I need videos.. lol Maybe thats what I should do.. Make videos of how to do this.. man People would love me.. lol... Seriously tho I cant for the life of me figure this stuff out. I have all sorts of dropped stitches and crap in my sock. All I wanted was to learn sock making... maybe dpns aren't so bad.... lol
I want to make ME something too.... but what to make me? Who knows.. I am not much good for anything lately.... guess I'll go lie down and dream of knitting... I seem to do it better in my sleep

Saturday, November 27, 2004

What should I do next?

I plan to finish up my sock... one lonely BIG sock. I am working on the hell right now.... then I have to turn the heel.. I don't know if I can do it but I am darn sure going to try...
Hopefully I will get some more on everything else done tomorrow. Today I have not been feeling up to much of anything.. I did do a few rows on my hat and a few rows on the heel and a few rows on a scarf I frogged... Will try and do something actually productive tomorrow. Time is running out for me if I want to finish anything before Christmas. I am thinking about putting a few of my projects on the back burner while I try some new things. I wam seriously wanting to try cables and I joined a knit along just for that purpose. Its the Irish Hiking Scarf knit a long!
It looks gorgeous and I am just hoping my version wont look too bad!
My shawl is coming along nicely so thats one good thing but I am going to pause on it a while since I am not giving it to my fiances mom till May or June of next year.. Guess I got time for that.
I plan to try out my sock yarn in a day or so. As soon as I make the monster sock I will try the smaller needles and smaller yarn. I found a bunch of yarn in my stash today. I plan to take some pics and make everyone laugh at me.. Most of it is... um not designer yarn.. sooo I dont want to take too good a pic.. lol
Ok well going to go cook and then I will be back with full force tomorrow! I am working on designing my own blog so that should be fun!!!

Friday, November 26, 2004

More yarn... man I am a hoarder...

Well I got 3 more skeins of yarn.. I got one that is gorgeous. Artful Yarns in Portrait. I dont know the exact color name. I think its color 123 and also some more of that cotton.. last 2 skeins of that...
I am exhausted been all over town with my mom today when I should have stayed home and knitted. I have way too much to do and no time to do it in!
I am hoping to stay home tomorrow and get some knitting done! I have to get my mind set and get to it!
My fiance works everyday until wednesday so maybe I can get some things done when hes not home!!!
Hopefully I will have something new in the works to post soon....

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Well heck.. Here we go again!

I am seriously considering stabbing myself with these circs..... This sock knitting is driving me crazy! lol Someday I HAVE to make a sock.. I am working on it once again. I am using size 6 needles and worsted weight yarn so that I can practice. Sock wont be for me... But it might be giving me some practice and a way to see the process before I switch to smaller yarn and needles.
Tomorrow is Turkey Day for most of us and I like so many others will be making a journey to a family members... I really dont want to go... Family that turned their back on me when I needed help the most.. Plus they dont like my fiance so this should be a whole barrel of laughs....

BUT I am taking my knitting and I am going to sit on my big butt and knit... Let em mess with me... lol
Well off to try and make a sock.. it looks like the cuff is coming along.... we shall see if I am not too stupid for this.... I am hoping to congratulate myself on sock knitting soon... lol

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

darn darn triple darn!!!

Well I dont think my hat is going too well... I think I have it turned inside out.....
here is a pic of it ....

I am going to hate to frog this too.... but I may have to.
I am thinking can people do a hat on 2 circs???? hmm will have to check into this!!!

socks yet again... getting warmer

OK onto yet another adventure....... Here is my sock on 2 circulars..... I am really scared of getting to the next part though... It doesn't look to be very much fun...I may need help.. lol Looking at the instrcutions on the heel, etc.. ARRGGHHH this is not going to be fun!!!!!!
I may find I can't knit socks.... who knows... well onto the pic:

Also here is the shawl I have been working on then had to frog several rows....

For this shawl I am actually using an acrylic yarn that my mom gave me. It is a beautiful color and it feels really good! This is going to be for my fiances mom in Mexico!

I hope all of this comes out ok. I am getting really tired of frogging......

needles in a haystack....

Well I am more confused than ever. I am on the fence about interchangeable needles.. So I ahve made up my mind. I am going to get a set of the Needlemaster AND a set of the Denise! That way I wont have to worry.. lol
I have also collaborated with another knitter and friend and we are going to go in together on another blog site so this should be cool... Like dueling knitters.. lol
I should have pics to post soon of all my ufo's since I know I wont be finishing anything soon.. too lazy today. Don't know whats up. I just dont feel like walking away form the computer.. which is stupid.... I have knitting to complete!!!
Well guess I will go and try and drag myself away......

Sunday, November 21, 2004

pics oh pics

Ok here are pictures of my baby blanket and one of my new yarns . So proud of both!!!
I can't wait to do something with these yarns. The blue and beige I want to make a hat out of. It is the Karabella Aurora 8 which is 100% Merino. The Tango are a blend of Virgin Wool, Alpaca and Viscose. I think... Labels are at home.. lol The other two are a cotton. Called 2nd time around by Knit 1 Crochet 2. All of these were on sale except for the Aurora 8. I need to figure out what to do with the rest. Maybe a pretty 3 color scarf with the Tango?? or what!?! On the cotton ones Its like 180yds of yarn!!!! I was happy when I saw the yardage on that one.. lol and it was cheap.. Maybe I need to go back and get some more... lol

The things I get myself into....

Today is a dreary day after all... drizzles and cold.. Hate it! So I shouldn't have said that yesterday wasn't dreary!
Ok so now I have joined yet another group of which myself and another girl is moderators I am one of the hosts of a Candle Flame Shawl knit-a-long!!
I lvoe this shawl and it looks to be fairly easy... we shall see. I am starting on mine today if I can ever figure out which kind of yarn I want to give up... lol Ever notice how beautiful the yarn looks when its all rolled up and sitting there?? Well I do and thats my dilema! LOL I don't want to mess it up!
I have to make myself do this....
I am so tired from yesterday and its such a dreary day a good movie (if I can find on) and my couch along with some Guava nectar and my shawl.. I plan to get something knit-wise done today.
The baby hats were a sucess at the party yesterday except for the fact that they were sticking them on their boobs... lol and no no one was drinking!
And my yarn I got yesterday is really nice, but of course now I dont want to knit anything with it.. I need a good hat pattern that is dummy proof. I dont want a seam... so I got a 16" circ needle in a size 6. Now I have to find a pattenr for an adult that uses that size. I have size 6 dpns too so I can use those... I just am scared of those still.... lol I do still want to try socks.. but I think I am going to wait until my circs come in from a lady thats going to send me some!! I can't wait!!!
This should be a lot of fun today... I have to find something to help me keep up my place in this shawl pattern too.. I get lost too easily! Also I plan to find a button or create my own for these projects I am doing.... arrgghhh too much to do and not enough time to do it!
Also a meeting today near me but alas I can't go because I have no car today!!! UGH!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

ugh.... Where is my bed!!??

It has been a lovely day but I am soo tired right now... Maybe tomorrow I will upload the pics from all the stuff I am starting on.. lol
Good LYS experience... so that was a good highlight...
Ever been to a Mexican baby shower but you speak very little spanish?? Well my head hurts and I think I am going to go take 2 and talk to this thing in the am......
soooo tired..... darn yarn is calling my name tho...... and now I am trying to figure out what other size needles I need!!!!!
If anyone has any ideas let me know....

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Rainy thursday!

Boy it is cold and wet.... hate that. Plus soo many people on the roadways, etc. for the new library opening in Little Rock today. My own little stomping ground here is being all over the news channels.. lol NOT ME!
I got to say it is interesting know all these celebrities, etc are within 30 miles from me.. not me.. I am staying home!
I have a baby blanket to finish!! Actually 2!!
I am quilting one and knitting a small changing blanket for one.. lol I got nervous about doing a giant baby blanket in knit. Since I am still new at things. So I am making baby cables all over the blanket then I am going to crochet an edge on it. I may just do a single crochet since that would be easiest on me.
I plan to go into town later and pick up my books I ordered!! eI am getting a calender.. 365 stitches a year calender and the new book Stitch n' Bitch Nation. I also got the new book by Amy Singer called Knit Wit!
Soo I should be rolling in projects by next month... Maybe I can finish some more hats, etc for people for Christmas! Well off to go count more change so I can feed my addiction that is soo sad......

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Over and Over

Well I went to the meeting last night and had a blast! I just wish it could have been longer but I had to run...
Anyway here is a photo of us and I really do think I look huge in this pic.. lol

I finisehd another hat today. I started it last night and finished it this am! I think it looks cool...

So anyhoo I will post anything new that comes my way!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


Well tonight is my first group meeting with the other knitters!!! I am excited yet nervous!!!
I am hoping I don't do something stupid ot look stupid.. or whatever. I know I will look fat thats just my life for now I noticed I have gained some weight back last night when shopping for jeans.. I don't want to do that over again anytime soon. Very depressing!!!!

Ok So on to other topics. As soon as I get the pattern for my baby blanket worked out I plan to put it into pdf format and upload it! I already have my pink hat ready. So I guess thats a good thing.

My socks suck.. I had to frog them... Don't ask.... lol I plan to try again and this time with real sock yarn IF I can find something that will work! Give me some tips on finding something at MIchaels or Hobby Lobby cause I have no idea what to shop for when it comes to sock yarn!!!

Ok Off to finish my stuff so I can get ready for my meeting!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Oh My Goodness!!!!

OMG! Lookie!!!!!!!

I can not believe it actually looks ok.... I am about 6 rows in... Plan on working on some more before bed.... but I dont know about that whole heel thing... UGH!!!!! Just getting it started was not fun!! The needles are extra slippery to me.. I dont know... I dont think I will ever get the hang of this to do like others do. Some people can fly thru the socks... Not me...
I am trying tho!!! I have this much and I hope to have more done soon!!!!
Off to keep going!!!!! YAY!!!!!

Well Flub.....

Boy today is going to be one of those days.... I don't feel like doing anything.. Have no desire to watch tv. I don't want to continue on the projects I have going. Albeit its only 1 and its a baby blanket. Something about today. I don't know what it is but I feel restless. Maybe I will try my hand at sock knitting again but I am afraid I am going to get angry all over again.

Maybe I will just take a bath and relax and try not to think about anything else! lol Take some me time. OH well.. Guess I am off here to go get something productive done...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hats off!!

In a way I am proud and in a way I am sad... I finaly did my own thing and made a hat.. My pattern.. I adapted from 3 different other patterns... and now it is leaving me!! My fiance liked it so much he is sending it to California for his niece!!!!
OH well.. I can always make another one! I am just glad I wrote down the steps I took to get there! Plus I made up another pattern this morning for a baby blanket I am making for my soon to be sister in law! We shall see what that looks like when finished! I am steadily trying to make things my own and I hope no one else has the same pattern and then I wont be so original... lol I am sure someone does tho... but honestly it felt good to have something I put to paper actually work out and look great!!
Without further rambling.. Here is my hat!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

What a day..........

Well today is yet another day... Going to try my hand at sock knitting, I have cast on... spread the stitches out on 3 needles... then I go nutty.. I can knit maybe 1 needle off then I figure out I have a gap!!!

I don't think I can do this.. Maybe I am too stupid to do socks.. Maybe I am doomed to use straight needles anf knit scarves for the rest of my life!!! Ugh..... I am stressing myself out and here I thought knitting was supposed to destress!!!!

OH well.... Maybe I will be able to figure it out soon... maybe its my yarn.... maybe its the needles.... I don't know.. MAYBE IT'S JUST ME!!!!!

IF I ever figure it out I will post pics so I can look back and laugh.......

Monday, November 08, 2004

My Loss......

Well today was a pretty normal day except I have gotten nothing done and I feel horrible... Getting a bit depressed and I can't figure out whats up with me now. Maybe its just that time of month who knows...
Guess I will skip over knitting for this post and talk about something else.

Here is as good as anywhere to explain why I lost so much weight and also a little about why it seems to have cost so much.. It started in August of 2002. I was a wife and mother with 2 small kids. My daughter was 8 and my sone was 3. I was the half owner in a Moving Company that my hubby and I had started in 1991. I ran the company and also made handmade soaps and designed websites. Plus was just learning to knit and crochet. I had gotten to where I satyed on the computer more and more and gained so much weight that I knew I had to do something. So I started in therapy. It worked and made me feel better once I was on Paxil. But then I started walking my daughter to school and then I would go to the park and walk and walk. Finally I figured out I was walking up to 6 miles a day! I started noticing that my weight was dropping and other changes were happening too but we wont go there right now. I started to feel alive all over again. But the probelm was my hubby decided he would stay gone more and more. I had heard various things and knew him to be doing some illegal activities and also cheating on me. He was alsways mentally abusive in ways I can't even describe. But it didn't matter I was happy with my kids, etc.

Then in December 2002 I moved out. Took the kids and left. I moved in with my mom and left most of my stuff. I thought someday we would get back together maybe or we would get divorced and I would get my things later. Boy was I wrong!

In February 2003 my mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma a form of bone cancer. Well she had been helping me with the kids, etc. And this was just not a good thing... And then I decided then and there I was too young to put up with crap and told the hubby finally divorce! This was not good news to him... But I held on.

Then it happened I met another man. Secretly seeing him for a little over a month, I decided one night to take the kids and let them meet his family. Well this was not a good idea. That night when I was leaving the house a car rolled up beside me and my hubby and his father and his fathers mistress took my kids out of my car by gunpoint. I could not believe this was happening!!!

Then the police wouldn't do anything since I had not filed for divorce and the father was there. The next day they moved everything from my house. This was in April 2003. In May 2003 my car was stolen but since it was just in my hubbys name I didnt get anything even thought everything I had left was in it. I had 3 pmts left on it.

I didn't see my kids until November. I was told I had to undergo drug tests because he said there was no way a woman could lose that much weight without drugs. I passed with flying colors. I don't nor ever will do drugs. I dont even drink any longer.

Anyhoo long story short: Lost everything, kids, car, house, my clothes and all my crafting and business stuff. I have gotten nothing. At the moment I haven't seen my kids for over 2 months because he knows I dont have the money for a lawyer to fight him for contempt. He still has all my stuff. He got everything that I ever had in my life. I was with this man since I was 17. Maybe all this is the reason I am so depressed lately. I even tried to hurt myself recently.. Actually I got drunk and drove and was not good at it and got a DUI. Ever since then I can't even think of drinking without almost throwing up. I learned some lessons through all this and they will follow me thru the rest of my days.

So the moral to my story is You really do learn from lifes mistakes. I think I have to pull myself back up and lost this excess weight and get back into life. That is one of the reasons I have been posting so much lately. I need companionship of other people and I have never been able to have friends before. I want to thank you guys for reading this and being so supportive of me!!!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

And the Madness begins....

Well shoot me! Ok Don't!!! I have changed that graphic a bit...... and here are the changes!

I just hope this looks better than that other one...I am still thinking it needs changed.. lol I am driving myself crazy trying to decide how to do it. I may do a whole new one... We shall see.....Anyhoo.. Off to cook and knit! Not at the same time though.. lol

Is it hot in here?

I think I am more than a little tired. I have been sitting here trying to think... and get some inspiration but it has yet to come to me. I have come up with a logo but I have yet to decide if its what I want.... Here is the unveiling....

I think it needs something else I just don't know what right now.. Then again I may scrap this idea and go with soemthing else I have been thinking of. I just need help.. lol In more ways than one!

Well I am going to get offling before my bottom completely falls asleep and never wakes up. Lets see what tomorrow brings!

What the heck

Well I guess it wont hurt to make another hat? I have started another one.. same yarn.. smaller needles and a slight variation of the pattern. I am going to try and do this every time I make one. I am going to make a hat all my own.. lol I plan to change the pattern a little each time until I have that "perfect" hat all for me!

I will be posting pics and I guess instructions once I figure everything out. I hope I can live up to my expectations! My fiance thinks I can so I plan to make sure I do. But then again men will say anything to us so that we stay happy, lol.

I am also working on a logo for a group I am joining.. I guess my design skills are going to be worked for a bit with this. Which is good since I have fallen out of practice. I plan to try and make this logo awesome and truly special. First group I have ever belonged since school... lol

Well guess I better go and start on that logo once again and see what I can come up with. Hope the day goes good and hopefully I will get this hat finished and another one started!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Another Day Another Frog

Well I am thinking of starting something a bit more challenging. I am in a very weird mood today and I don't know whats up with me. I want to do something but yet hesitant to start something. I know though that once I get down to starting something I will be gung ho about it. Its the choices one has to make. I don't know what I want to start on!

I do know however that the fiance will be home soon and dang it if he wont bug me and make me mess up so many times.....but I love him anyway. I just wish he'd ever leave me alone while knitting. He doesn't think there is any concentration! HA!!
Here is a photo of me and my fiance. Don't let him scare you he's really not that mean looking.. lol Oh but he is younger than me... Guess I wanted one I could help along a little.. lol

I hope to search and find that one pattern calling my name today. As soon as I do I will post what I plan to make. Hopefully I can figure it out without driving myself or anyone else crazy. I have a few magazines and 1 book. So maybe I can find something else I can make!
Well off to try and get a few things done!

hmm.... kinda looks like a hat.. or does it??

WOW I finally finished something else!! I finished my hat. I found a pattern in a book I already had and here it is! Well this first pic is of me knitting it.
This next pic is of my actual hat!

OK It may not look like a hat right this minute... ok well maybe it does to those that have knitted before. This next pic is of my cell phone case I still haven't completely finished, but here it is anyway!

Friday, November 05, 2004

In the End

Well I have started a hat.... and I have seen that knitting really does relax....There I was casting on 60 stitches and having a good time in my K2, P2 ribbing.. trying desperately to start a hat. When lo and behold the fiance decides to almost buy the back end of a nasty dump truck!! OK by that time my knittng was all over me and I was shaking.. so ribbit.. I frogged.... Then I calmed down and CO again then I now have 6 beautiful rows of 29 done. I felt kinda pround of myself. Now as soon as I can I will be posting a pic so be prepared! Ok, off I go to start ribbing again!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Fidget Demon

Well the fidget demon strikes again. I am figeting about my bag project. I think I may want to try my hands at a hat of some sort. I just don't know which kind of hat I want to try. Maybe sooner or later I will have some finished projects to show on here and see how many laughs I get!
Well I am off to seek and destroy more patterns.........

First Blog

Well this is the first day of the rest of my blogging days.... Hopefully many more days to come. I am about to embark on a journey to knit a bag for my mother that will hold her medicines. I am hoping she appreciates it as much as I will to have a finished object for someone. I have yet to finish anything other than a small scarf and a few washcloths. So I am anxious to start something different and finish it. Hopefully this will be fun since I plan to try stripes which I have never tried. Hopefully I can take some pictures as I go along to help anyone who might also be learning stripes.